The stunning countryside of Perthshire offers a fantastic variety of routes perfect for walking, cycling or horse riding from short strolls to five-day adventures through woodlands, glens, gardens, hillsides, moors and open countryside.

If you are want to visit but are not too sure where to go, let us help you decide.

Explore the magic of Perthshire

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Explore in and around the towns and villages of Perth & Kinross

Over the years we have helped built path networks in and around most of the larger towns and villages in Perth & Kinross.  All of these networks give you the opportunity to discover these towns and villages and explore the countryside around them.  

These paths vary from sort, easy-going paths suitable for a wide range of abilities to more challenging routes suitable for more daring adventures.

Details of each of these path networks can be found on our Paths & Walks page.  You can also download free leaflets containing maps and details of each network here.

Long Distance Trails - The Cateran Trail

If you are planning a walking holiday in Perth & Kinross, then the Cateran Trail fits the bill.

One of Scotland’s Great Trails, the Cateran Trail is a fully waymarked, 64-mile (103 km) route through Perthshire and the Angus glens in the heart of Scotland.

The Trail is a circular route divided into five stages and can be comfortably walked in five days. The Trail has no official beginning or end and can be joined at any stage. There is also a weekend Mini Trail that enables you to sample the highlights of the Cateran Trail in a weekend.

You can find a detailed description of the Cateran Trail stages and Mini Trail here and download a leaflet summerising the Trail here.

Explore Perthshire Big Tree Country

With more than 200,000 acres of woodlands, which include more champion trees than anywhere else in the UK, Perthshire is Big Tree Country. Together these create Scotland's most spectacular trees and woodlands, where there are lots of different experiences to discover and enjoy.

On a day out in Perthshire Big Tree Country, you could see Europe's oldest tree, the UK's widest tree, or simply loose yourself in an enchanting forest that feels like a visit to a magical other world.

We have brought together fifteen of the best tree and woodland sights from across Perthshire Big Tree County and grouped them together around six locations.  If you are looking for a woodland adventure, then click here for more details.

Go Geocaching

Geocaching marries the old-fashioned treasure hunt with modern technology and is catching on like wildfire in Perth & Kinross. Players try to locate hidden containers, called caches, using handheld GPS systems or GPS-enabled mobiles and then share their experiences online at

There over 1.5 million geocaches around the world. Perth & Kinrosse itself has in excess of 1,000 caches, making it the geocaching capital of Scotland.

Visit and read the guide to the game and watch the short film. You can put in your postcode and see just how many caches there are hidden in your immediate vicinity. Then, you can register for a basic membership for free. This is quite sufficient to get you started, but, if you become hooked, you can always upgrade to premium membership at a later stage. Then, choose your cache and get out into the countryside of Perth & Kinross and start your first treasure hunt.

For more details about Geocaching and how to get started, click here.