Help us get the countryside into the hearts of people now, tomorrow and for years to come.

 We warmly welcome a gift (or legacy) left to Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust in your will.

 A gift in your will to us will allow us to continue to make a difference to Perthshire’s countryside for years to come.

We would love to hear from you if you are considering remembering Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust in your will. Please contact our Trust Director, Peter Quinn, by email.

We recommend you take independent legal advice to ensure your legacy is left where you want it most, particularly to your family first.

Why leave a gift to us? Grandmother and granddaughter in the Perthshire countryside

The Birnam Oak is a living contact with our ancient past and it's a beautiful tree. We need to value it. - Ann, Dorchester

Visited a number of times and worth saving for future generations! - Geoff, Dalgety Bay

Getting the countryside into the hearts of people - Trust values

We believe that the countryside is a special place and should have a special place in everyone’s life and heart.

We care about the wellbeing of the countryside and the wellbeing of people and want our work to enhance both.

We believe that everyone should connect with and care for the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the countryside.

We believe that by making it possible for everyone to connect with and care for the countryside, their lives and the countryside are enriched.

Our legacy promise to you

Read the 11 points of our legacy promise to you.

Types of legacy 

There are several different types of legacies, or gifts, you can leave in your will.

  1. A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a set sum of money, such as £100 or £2,500.
  2. A residuary legacy is a gift of a set percentage of your estate, such as 1% or 50%, once all other gifts, taxes and debts have been paid. These legacies tend to keep their value or even appreciate over time, as they are less subject to the impact of inflation. Even a small percentage of your estate can help us achieve amazing things across the Perth and Kinross countryside.
  3. A specific legacy is a gift of a particular item or personal possession, such as books, property, shares or artwork.

We recommend you speak with a solicitor regarding gifts in your will to determine which legacy is right for you. If you are considering remembering us, they will also advise how to include Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust in your will. Gifts left in wills to charities are exempt from inheritance tax.

If you already have a will that looks after your family and loved ones and wish to include a gift to Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, you can complete a codicil to be kept with your will, which allows you to make changes to your will without having to rewrite it.

Provost Walk 2 opening © Elaine Hill

Example gift levels

See what a legacy left in your will, however small or big, could help us achieve in improving access to the countryside and conserving Perthshire’s tree heritage.

£100 would allow us to install new waymarkers on the Cateran Trail or River Tay Way to make these routes more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

£500 can fund a new site leaflet or new benches along well-loved routes all to enhance the visitor experiences across the sites in which we work.

£1,000 can fund a small grove of threatened conifer saplings in a Perthshire safe-haven, where these trees can become the future stars of Perthshire Big Tree Country while conserving their species.

£5,000 can fund upgrades to interpretation panels along footpaths and trails.

£10,000 can fund a part-time ranger to help maintain the well-loved Cateran Trail or the new River Tay Way and engage with local communities along these routes.

£50,000 can fund improvement works on an existing path to make it a modern, multi-user route suitable
for walkers, cyclists, wheelchairs and prams.

£100,000 can fund a new arboretum to conserve and enhance the amazing tree heritage in Perthshire for the enjoyment of all.

View from Alyth Hill ©Mike Bell

Your legacy intentions

If you are considering leaving a gift in your will to Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, we warmly thank you.

Please consider sharing your intention to leave us a gift after you have looked after your loved ones, so that we may have the chance to thank you and plan our work.

Complete a legacy intention form here.

This legacy intention form is in no way binding. We respect you may choose not to include Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust in your will at a later date and will never seek to influence that decision.

What legacies have let us achieve

Aitken Arboretum at Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park James Aitken

This special arboretum was reinstated following a legacy of £80,000 in 2003 by James Aitken - a well-known Perth landscape gardener, who had a great love of the trees on Kinnoull Hill.

The original arboretum of exotic conifers from around the world was planted in the 1920s. Restoration work began in 2004 with new non-coniferous trees and shrubs planted following Jim’s legacy wish to create a new arboretum showcasing plantings from the forest to the garden - a theme he wanted to share with others to foster appreciation of the beauty of the natural world.

Jim’s legacy enabled the planting of over 150 trees and addition of paths, seating and information boards so visitors can enjoy the once-forgotten gem.

PKCT worked in partnership to restore the arboretum and fulfil Jim’s wishes with other members of the James Aitken Arboretum Committee: Forestry Commission Scotland (now Forestry and Land Scotland), the Friends of Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park and friends and colleagues of the late Mr Aitken.

Kirkmichael Path Network no_date_hiking_with_dog_kirkmichael_photos_by_zoe

Kirkmichael is a village in Highland Perthshire, featuring an amazing variety of local paths enjoyed by residents and visitors.

Annual gifts bequested from the Mrs M A Lascelles Charitable Trust to PKCT guarantee that we can maintain and enhance this amazing path network comprising parts of the Cateran Trail (one of Scotland's Great Trails) to keep them accessible for the thousands of people who visit the area every year.

PKCT legacy brochure

Download our legacy brochure or request a paper copy be sent to you be emailing [email protected]

Leave a gift in your will brochure

Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust!