As a not-for-profit charity, we rely on funders to support us and the work we do.

There are lots of different ways you or your business can help us with our funding requirements:

  • Become a core funder to help keep us going
  • Match fund one of our projects
  • Help us market and promote Perthshire and our work

Become a core funder

Core funding is the essential financial support we need for our basic organisational and administrative costs, including staff salaries, equipment, utilities, and communications. You can see a list of our current core funders in our About us section.

Match fund one of our projects

Match funding is money we seek to match those funds we have managed to raise for our projects. The majority of our project work comes from multiple sources. Match funding not only keeps the funders we have to work with on each project to a manageable number but also helps us to realise the full scope of those projects.

Help our marketing and promotions

Perthshire is one of the most remarkable destinations in Scotland, famed for it’s incredible scenery, wildlife, history, activities, and more.

Help us market and promote the incredible Perthshire countryside and all of the projects we do to develop and conserve it on- and offline, locally and nationally.

Your donations can help us to reach new audiences, tell more stories, hold new events, film and photograph the landscape and those exploring it, and explore new avenues to bring more people here to enjoy the countryside we are so blessed to have on our doorstep.

To learn more about what you can do to become a funder or support our marketing and promotions, please get in touch with our Trust Director, Peter Quinn.