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The Avenue

This is a great largely low-level walk at the northern edge of town that meanders between fields, a ditch and hedgerow. It offers spectacular views towards the Grampian mountains and joins up with the Oak Walk and the wider Auchterarder path network. Please keep dogs under close control or on a lead due to livestock in the fields.

The Avenue is an easy route about ¼ mile / 500 m and takes about ¼ hour to enjoy on foot.

It features mostly narrow and uneven earthen path surface. There are two wide self-closing gates due to sheep in the enclosure. Some stretches can be muddy, especially after rainfall.

The Avenue in Auchterarder

Black Road

This valuable north / south link path lies within town just off Abbey Road. A gradual slope passes behind the back of private gardens and is therefore sheltered and shaded in short stretches.

This is an easy-going route about ¼ mile / 490 m long and takes about ¼ hour to explore on foot.

The terrain is mostly narrow, smooth stone path in three sections. There are some short uneven sections.

Black Road - upgraded

Common Loan

Please note: Common Loan path will be closed for one week starting 10 January for tree work.

This is a super largely flat route between livestock fields and hedgerow on the eastern side of the town. Two benches along the way provide the perfect opportunity to sit and savour the stunning views towards Craigrossie. Please keep dogs under close control or on a lead due to livestock in the fields.

The terrain features smooth, flat stone path. There is one gate and 48 steps at the southern end of the path with a bike ramp beside it. There is then a flat sealed surface beside Glenruthven mill leading to Abbey Road. The steep section of this path is not suitable for prams, walking aids, pushchairs or horses.

The route is moderate-going (due to the flight of steps), is about ¼ mile / 500 m long, and takes about ¼ hour to explore on foot.

Week 3 work on Common Loan, Auchterarder

Easthill Road Link Path

This easy, short, low-level, earthen path through a strip of trees between two fields is a useful connection from Easthill Road to the Oak Walk path. It features an uneven slope and one informal bridge crossing over a ditch towards the Oak Walk.

The route is 200 metres and takes less than ¼ hour to walk.

Due mind that there are some uneven sections, which can be muddy after heavy rainfall.

Flowers in Auchterarder

Johnny Mathews

Explore this challenging route, with steep and more gradual elevation along its length. It passes between livestock fields and oak woodland, crosses a railway line by an old stone bridge, and features rural landscape with scenic views and abundant bird species. 

This strenuous linear route is about ¾ mile / 1.1 km and can take up to ¾ hour to explore on foot.

The wide, smooth, stone path has good drainage ditches, but some short stretches can be damp after heavy rainfall. There is one long section (70 metres) of steep climbing.

Johnny Mathews path

The Oak Walk

A much-loved, peaceful rural route at the northern edge of the town, the Oak Walk connects with the wider path network. The path passes through woodland, over a burn by three small bridges, and reveals the Strathearn valley to the Grampian mountains.

This moderate-going path is about ½ mile / 750 metres and will take no more than half an hour to walk.

The mostly earthen path has several short, steep, uneven sections. This route is unsuitable for prams, wheelchairs and walking aids as there is one narrow kissing gate and some stretches can be muddy after rain.

Oak Walk in early spring

Wheelchair accessibleProvost Walk - upgraded

This all access east / west link path features solar lights, several resting places with benches, mixed woodland, livestock fields, hedgerow and lovely views across to the Ochil Hills. Enjoy varied bird species, roe deer, red squirrels and other wildlife.

This easy going, all-abilities route is 1 ½ miles / 2.5 km long and can take up to 1.5 hours in each direction when explored on foot.

The Provost Walk features a mostly wide, smooth, flat, sealed surface. There are some zigzagged sections with gentle gradients between the park and Coalbore Well suitable for all abilities.

Due to its proximity to the busy A9 and wildlife along the route, please keep dogs under close control or on a lead.

Provost Walk - upgraded

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Auchterarder Path Network leaflet

Get involved with Auchterarder's paths

Join the Auchterarder Core Path Volunteers - a local community group of volunteers established to improve the condition and drainage of the core paths in Auchterarder for more users of all abilities. The initial work on the paths was instigated and carried out in conjunction with Auchterarder Community Sports and Recreation