Access for all at Kinloch Rannoch

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Annat Loop Path

Annat Loop Path spurs off the Clan Trail beside Loch Rannoch and is a fantastic route for bird watching, scenery and examples of positive human impact on the landscape, including historic settlements and the Skyspace art installation. From the moorland you will see stunning views of Loch Rannoch, the Black Wood of Rannoch, Schiehallion and Rannoch Moor.

The path is about 6 ½ miles / 10.4 km and takes about 4 hours to explore on foot. It features a long, steady ascents and descent on wide, uneven stony track, a burn crossing with stepping stones, several gates and muddy sections near the working farms.

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Buchanan Path

This interesting riverside path features a bridge built in 1764, the mighty River Tummel and a lovely birch and aspen woodland. Follow it along the river to a weir used to control the flow of the river and learn about the importance of the Tummel hydropower scheme. You can continue to explore via the Lochend Path or return to the village.

Buchanan Path is about ⅓ mile / 500 m, takes 15 to 30 minutes to enjoy, and the easy-going terrain features grass and gravel with an accessible ramp down to the riverside at the beginning.

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Local walkers, cyclists and wheelers on the upgraded path © Ian Biggs

Hillside Path

This route meanders through broadleaf woodland and is a good place to look for red squirrels in an impressive old hazel coppice. It also takes in the beautiful Allt Mor waterfall, an impressive old oak tree and the 'wolf stone', a massive natural boulder. The path eventually meets up with the Riverside Path.

Hillside Path is ½ mile / 800 m, takes about 15 to 30 minutes to enjoy, and is a moderate-going grass and stone track narrow in places with some steps and a short steep section.

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Looking towards the village of Kinloch Rannoch, Perthshire © VisitScotland / Paul Tomkins, all rights reserved.

Lochend Path Wheelchair accessible

This path continues on from Buchanan Path and features fantastic views over Loch Rannoch towards Glen Coe and Rannoch Moor. It is an easy-access field-edge path that avoids the road. You can continue the village loop through a self-closing gate leading to the open hillside and follow the Meall Dubh Path.

Lochend Path is about ¼ mile / 300 m, takes 5 to 15 minutes to enjoy, and is a firm, stone-surfaced, easy-going all users route that can be enjoyed by people all abilities.

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McGregor's Cave Path

McGregor's Cave is reputedly a Jacobite hideout and a Victorian picnic spot, though not at the same time! It is nestled against a cliff face and can be a bit tricky to get to after wet weather, due to high water levels. The path meanders through mature oak woodland, a stunning dell with a burn, heathland and birch woodland.

The whole route is about 2 ¾ miles / 4.5 km and takes about 2 hours to walk each way. It includes some public road walking, gentle climbs, one short very uneven section, steep parts around the burn crossing and stepping stones, and several gates.

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Schiehallion seen from Kinloch Rannoch © VisitScotland / Kenny Lam, all rights reserved.

Meall Dubh Path

Continuing on from Lochend Path, this is a rugged path with great views across Loch Rannoch and over the village to Schiehallion, a Munro whose old Gaelic name, Sidh Chailleann, translates as ‘the nest, or brooding place of storms’ or ‘the fairy hill of the Caledonians’, as preferred by some. At the end of the path you can return to the village or carry on to the Hillside Path.

Meall Dubh Path is a little more than ⅓ mile / 650 m, takes about 15 to 30 minutes to walk, and is a moderate-going uneven and narrow hillside path with stepping stones over boggy areas.

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Path to Loch Rannoch

Millenium Path to Craig Varr

Craig Varr (1,925 ft / 587 m) is a rocky outcrop above Kinloch Rannoch offering fantastic views east to Danalastair Water, Schiehallion and Loch Tummel; south to Innerhadden and the 'Sleeping Giant'; and west to Loch Rannoch, the Black Wood, Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe. There are two routes up to the summit, both of which are quite steep.

The main path is about 2 ¾ miles / 4.5 km and takes aobut 2 ½ hours to explore on foot. It features steep inclines, a boggy section and a gate.

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View of Schiehallion

Riverside Path

This pleasant riverside walk is ideal for enjoying woodland and spotting water birds and Schiehallion across the water. It follows River Tummel upstream to the village.

The path is ½ miles / 800 m, takes 15 to 30 minutes to enjoy, and is easy-going along flat tarmac. It features mild gradients and an accessible ramp from the town down to the riverside.

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Kinloch Rannoch Primary School pupils at the grand opening of the path © Ian Biggs


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