Kindrogan Loop

Kindrogan has several miles of tracks for walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders. The longest route at Kirkmichael, this loop features long tracks that will suit anyone who has endurance and a sense of adventure. Enjoy the paths through the tranquil Kindrogan Forest and keep your eyes peeled for the elusive and rare pine marten. If time allows, visit Loch Curran with its abundant wildlife  it's a beautiful place for those seeking solitude. Ospreys have been spotted flying over the loch, so keep a look out if your visiting in spring and summer for this magnificent bird. Dirnanean Garden is also a short way off the main track at Enochdhu and well worth a visit during the summer months when its open. The garden consists of a Victorian Burn Walk, which has been recently re-discovered, and a designed landscape including a shrubbery, walled garden, vegetable garden and orchard.

The whole loop is 9 miles / 14.5 km and takes about 5 hours to explore on foot. It features mostly wide gravel tracks and quiet roads. There are some uneven, steeper sections. The eastern part of the loop follows the Cateran Trail between Kirkmichael and Enochdhu.

Hiking at Kirkmichael © photos by zoe

Pitcarmick Loop

This stunning route meanders through varied landscapes of birch and pine woodlands, heather moorland and fields of livestock. From Glen Derby, the path enters open ground with scattered birch and scots pine. The return route offers amazing views of the surrounding countryside. You'll find an interpretation panel along the way about round houses at Pitcarmick. The area has been farmed since the early Bronze Age, during which time people lived in round houses - remnants of which you can see today.

The Pitcarmick Loop is 3 ½ miles / 5.6 km and takes 2 ½ hours on foot. It is a strenuous-going route that mainly follows quiet roads, farm tracks and grassy paths through open countryside. There are some steep sections and wet ground underfoot throughout the year so sturdy, waterproof shoes are recommended! There are also some boardwalk and gates and two bridges to cross.

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Heather in flower at Pitcarmick

Riverside Loop

This short, easy walk alongside the River Ardle provides a great introduction to the wider Kirkmichael Path Network. Legend has it that the name 'Ardle' is derived from a Pictish warrior who was killed in a battle at Enochdhu.

This looped path is ½ mile / 0.8 km and takes about ¼ to walk. It features mostly smooth gravel tracks. Take care on the village roads and two flights of steep steps.

Riverside Loop at Kirkmichael

Village Loop

The village of Kirkmichael has lots to offer, including the many miles of waymarked trails around it, wonderful countryside, and great pubs and accommodation (which have closed during the lockdown period). The Village Loop is a short, easy-going walk that takes you on a quick tour of the village and a bit of the surrounding country. In Kirkmichael, take a minute at the Bannerfield car park to look at the field. Although quiet now, the Bannerfield was once a site for a massive Clan gathering. Fun fact: Kirkmichael means 'The Church of St Michael'.

This loop is 1 ¼ miles / 2 km and takes ½ to walk. It follows mostly smooth, quiet, tarmac roads.

View of Kirkmichael © Photos by Zoe

View of Kirkmichael © Photos by Zoe

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