We run appeals to support our project work and to conserve Perthshire's tree heritage. Donations of any size help to make a huge difference towards the amount of work we are able to do in these specific areas.

Here are our two current appeals:

Love the Cateran Trail

Cateran Trail signpost © Mike Bell

One of Scotland’s Great Trails, the Cateran Trail is a fully waymarked, 64-mile (103 km) route through Perthshire and the Angus glens in the heart of Scotland that is managed by the Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust.

Each year thousands of people enjoy the Trail but most don't realise that the entire Trail is maintained and improved using charitable donations and grants raised by us.

Donate, fundraise and read more about how you can help give the Cateran Trail some love!

Save the Birnam Oak

Birnam Oak Jul 16 © Cameron Cormack

The 500-year-old Birnam Oak is the last fragment of Birnam Wood made famous in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and needs our help if it is to live for hundreds of years more.

The ancient tree’s trunk is hollow, and its long branches are still growing. We have already carried out urgent tree surgery to stabilise the tree and save it from splitting in half, but more work is needed.

Donate, fundraise and read more about how you can help save the Birnam Oak!