The 500 year old Birnam Oak, the last fragment of Birnam Wood made famous by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, needs our help if it is to live for hundreds of years more.

The Problem

The ancient tree’s trunk is hollow, however, as its long branches are still growing, without remedial action the significant strain they were exerting could have caused the trunk to split in half. We have already carried out urgent tree surgery to stabilise the tree but more work is needed.

The Solution

The second phase of work to address longer term problems with the tree includes replacing the branch props which are starting to rot; relieving soil compaction around the tree's roots; and protecting it from soil erosion caused by the nearby River Tay flooding.

We need £100,000 to do this work.

You can contribute to this by donating using the button at the top of this page or by fundraising to save this special and unique tree.

  • £10,000 raised means we can get the emergency work on the trees done - ACHIEVED
  • £20,000 raised means we can also get a structural engineer to design the new tree props
  • £40,000 raised means we can also replace the tree props
  • £80,000 raised means we can also sort out the soil compaction and flooding problems around the tree
  • £100,000 raised means we can put in new landscaping and signage so everyone can enjoy this amazing tree

Why do we need so much money to sort out the flooding problem?

Watch a video of what Storm Desmond did to the Birnam Oak

Thank you to the lovely Cameron Cormack for the use of his photography and the lovely Jessie Mac's Hostel in Dunkeld for the use of their video in this campaign.