We've built a lot of paths

Completed Provost Walk path work in Auchterarder

The path improvement projects we have delivered have varied from £500 projects that took a few weeks to £2.6 million projects delivered over several years!

Since 1997, we have established path networks with Perth & Kinross Council and local communities in:

Lochleven Heritage Trail Leaflet Cover Photo

In the last ten years, we have also worked in partnership with TRACKS (The Rural Access Committee of Kinross-Shire), local land owners, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and RSPB to establish the Loch Leven Heritage Trail around Loch Leven National Nature Reserve.

Working with Communities

Jane Courtney, Auchterarder Core Paths Working Group, along with Stuart, former Chair of Auchterarder Community Sports Association) and Alison Bonney walk along the upgraded Provost Walk ©PKCT

PKCT was founded and is run by people who love the countryside and are passionate about supporting people to get out and enjoy it. We were created to support communities in realising their ambitions to have great paths in and around their communities and provide the knowledge, expertise and support needed to make these paths happen.

As part of PKCT’s Developing Community Path Networks project and with financial support from the Gannochy Trust and Perth & Kinross Council, PKCT can provide up to five days of advice to three community groups per year.

PKCT provides this advice free of charge to assist communities in developing their paths project to the stage where they are able to apply for funding.

Getting your path built

Week 1 work on Common Loan, Auchterarder

If a community wishes PKCT to assist them in the delivery of their project, as a charity PKCT provides this support on a non-profit basis. This means that the amount paid by the community simply covers the cost of providing a fully-trained, experience person to help you; it does not include a profit margin.

Our current day rate is £350 per day (we do not charge VAT). This is considerably less than the £450 + VAT per day (£540 per day in total) usually charged by architects, quantity surveyors and civil engineers.

If a community group wishes to work with PKCT to deliver their project, the PKCT Team will draw up a list of the steps involved and calculate the number of days it will take us to deliver these steps of the project for you. This means you will know the total cost of project management up front and can build it into your funding applications.

If you would like to talk to us about about helping you with your community path project, please get in touch as we would be happy to help