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One of Scotland’s Great Trails, the Cateran Trail is a fully waymarked, 64-mile (103 km) route through Perthshire and the Angus glens in the heart of Scotland that is managed by the Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust.

Each year thousands of people enjoy the Trail but most don't realise that the entire Trail is maintained and improved using charitable donations and grants raised by us.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is for the Cateran Trail to be among the best quality long-distance routes in Scotland.  To achieve this we are working to replace old gates and stiles, sort out the drainage on all the really muddy bits, improve the directional signage, and make sure the path is always in good condition. 

However, all this takes money and our changing climate is making our job even harder as heavy rain and flooding add more work to our already long list of jobs to do.

We hope this appeal will give people who love the Cateran Trail as much as we do (which is an awful lot) a way to help care for it.

Here's an example of what we are up against

Storm damage to Cateran Trail

Storm damage to the Cateran Trail

What we can do with your help

Cateran Trail Steps Repair

Steps on the Cateran Trail before and after repair


Your support is invaluable to helping us make the Cateran Trail as accessible and enjoyable as possible for locals and visitors who use it.

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Thank you for helping us look after the Cateran Trail!