Carie and Rannoch Forests

View across Loch Rannoch to Carie & Rannoch Forests

The southern shores of Loch Rannoch offer fine forest trails through glades of mature Scots pines to panoramic views of the loch, distant hills and the Black Wood of Rannoch - one of the best and largest examples of ancient Caledonian forests in Scotland! The gorge features natural woodlands, while the hills on either side contain man-made forests.

It is a truly scenic and tranquil part of Perthshire Big Tree Country, perfect for enjoying the peaceful outdoors.

There are three excellent Trails to enjoy in the area:

  1. Carie Trail is ½ mile / 800 m, takes about ¼ hr to enjoy, and is short, easy path meandering thorugh the woodland past the picturesque Allt na Bogair (Bogair Burn).
  2. Kilvrecht Trail is ¾ mile / 1.2 km, takes about ½ hr to explore, and is another short, easy route that follows on from Carie Walk across the burn and circling back to the car park.
  3. Allt na Bogair Trail is 5 miles / 8 km, takes about 3 hrs to walk, and is a longer, moderate-going route that follows the burn through the woodland, climbing 153 m / 500 ft through the spectacular steep-sided gorge to stunning views of Loch Rannoch and beyond.

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Path to Loch Rannoch