New stone carving at the Birks of AberfeldyNew stone carving at the Birks of Aberfeldy

Robert Burns’ words on the Birks of Aberfeldy have been given new life in stone.

Two slabs of Caithness flagstone have been installed at the Lower Birks, replacing ones that have been weathered by the elements, to complete part of his 1787 poem 'The Birks of Aberfeldy':

While o’er their heads the hazels hing,

The little birdies blithely sing,

Or lightly flit on wanton wing,

In the birks of Aberfeldy.

The new stone carvings have been produced by stone carver Andrew McFetters.

Morag Watson, Trust Manager, commented: Statue of Robert Burns at the Birks of Aberfeldy

“Robert Burns has a significant historical tie to the Birks of Aberfeldy, so we felt that it was appropriate to replace the weathered stones bearing his poetic words with new ones.

“Visitors can follow in the bard’s footsteps and enjoy the naturally formed seat where a bronze statue of him sits, recalling the rest and inspiration he took while listening to the roar of the Falls of Moness.”

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New stone carvings at the Lower Birks