We are delighted to have secured funding from Forestry Commission Scotland for a Management Plan for the ancient Fortingall Yew - Europe's Oldest Tree.

The Yew, which may be over 5,000 years old, grows in the churchyard of the picturesque village of Fortingall.  The local community have been getting increasingly worried about its condition and have asked PKCT for help. 

With support from Forestry Commission Scotland we have commissioned Arboretum Internationale - experts in ancient tree care - to inspect the Yew and write a Management Plan to guide it's care over the coming years.  We will also be working together to train the local Tree Wardens so they can spot any potential problems with the tree as early as possible.  Together we will ensure that the Fortingall Yew continues to be an awe-inspiring part of Perthshire Big Tree Country for many years to come.