Biodiversity in Perthshire is getting a big boost as the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership (TBP) joins Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust (PKCT) in partnership to diversify, conserve and grow the natural environment of Perthshire.

Glen Almond and the Lednock Hills © VisitScotland - Crieff Succeeds - Damian Shields

Catherine Lloyd, TBP Coordinator, will be hosted by PKCT three days a week to allow partnership delivery of Perth and Kinross-wide nature actions identified in the Tayside Biodiversity Action Plan.

This collaboration will complement several PKCT existing programmes, like Perthshire Nature Connections Partnership, and will expand and accelerate momentum for action for nature across Perth and Kinross.

Having been in post since 2000, Catherine has overseen two Biodiversity Action Plans and numerous successful biodiversity partnership projects and events. Her work has ranged from working with individual schools and care homes to working with partners on the ongoing Green Graveyard Initiative, Sustainable Urban Drainage Ponds Enhancement, and Tayside Swifts projects. Over the years she has planned Tayside Biodiversity Festivals, an Orchard Festival in the Carse of Gowrie, and with Angus Council, the popular Angus Coastal Festivals.

Comrie Croft © VisitScotland - Luigi Di Pasquale

Catherine will be working closely with the PKCT team across nature, climate change and biodiversity projects, including Perthshire Nature Connections Partnership (PNCP) - a long-term, nature-based vision to create a connection across Highland Perthshire between the Cairngorms and the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Parks. It works with a range of organisations across community, environment and land management to promote integrated, large-scale ecological restoration of a sustainable and resilient landscape that provides environmental, socio-economic and health and wellbeing benefits to communities and land-managers.

Catherine Lloyd, TBP Coordinator, said:

The expanse of biodiversity initiatives already open to us or that we can make happen in the future is huge, so working in house with Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust as part of their team will make a big difference to the scope of work both Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and PKCT will be able to carry out. I look forward to working with them!

Peter Quinn, PKCT Trust Director, commented:

Catherine is going to be a great addition to our team and will really help amp up our credentials, networks and knowledge of nature, climate change and biodiversity. We have so many aspirations for the natural environment of the Perth and Kinross area, and this partnership between us and the TBP will allow us and Catherine to make them a reality. We can’t wait to get started working with her.

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