Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust (PKCT) has launched an appeal to raise £5,000 towards path improvement works on the Provost Walk in Auchterarder.

Provost Walk phase 3 section of muddy path before upgrade

Provost Walk phase 3 path before upgrades

PKCT is looking to improve the muddy path from Coalbore Well westwards towards the A824 to a modern, multi-user route and replace old steps and narrow gate at the far western end with a more gradual slope; all to be suitable for walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users.

Bid Strachan, PKCT Communities Officer who has been managing the Provost Walk project, explains:

We are really excited at the prospect of continuing to upgrade more of the much-loved Provost Walk and are so happy to see how well the improvements we’ve already been able to make have been received by the local community.

The section of path we're looking to improve in this next phase 3 of the project is currently poorly drained, narrow, uneven, sandwiched between a thorny hedge and a livestock field for the majority of its length, muddy in the winter, and overhung by a thorny hedge in the summer. In short, the path and steps on its far end are really only useable by people who are sure-footed, able to wade through mud and can duck under overhanging bushes. 

The new upgrades will enable people living on the west side of Auchterarder and in Blackford to share the benefits of being able to access the town safely and enjoyably on foot, wheels or horseback, while also protecting the environment around Provost Walk from further damage and erosion.

Map of planned Provost Walk phase 3 path upgrades

Map of planned Provost Walk phase 3 path upgrades

Morag Watson, PKCT Manager, said:

We estimate that our planned phase 3 path improvement works will amount to over £530,000, which is why we are asking for the local community’s help. By raising £5,000 towards match funding, we will be able to apply for a £50,000 grant towards the overall cost of the project.

To date and working in collaboration with Auchterarder Community Sports & Recreation, PKCT has project managed over £480,000 of path improvement works to the Provost Walk across phases 1 and 2, upgrading 1,250 metres of track and installing solar stub lights and benches from Ruthven Street to Coalbore Well and up to Jubilee Park.

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