16 June 2020

The project to investigate improved routes for active travel between Bridge of Earn and Newburgh continues. Phase 1 from Bridge of Earn to Aberargie roundabout has almost reached detailed design stage and the results of the community consultation’s survey shall be published soon, once there are agreeable design solutions to the questions asked.

Phase 2 (Glenfoot junction to Substation at Jamesfield) investigations are progressing simultaneously. Different route options have been identified and the slow process of locating and communicating with landowners is underway. At this very early stage, it is appropriate to establish whether or not landowners are in agreement for the possible route to pass over their land, and pointless to advertise something that may never reach community consultation stage. Only once agreement has been reached would designs be developed and consulted upon.

Users and supporters of active travel routes generally have a preference for facilities which provide separate provision from motorised traffic, where vehicle volumes or speeds are high. This is what we are currently seeking to achieve and are assessing the feasibility of this through consulting with landowners as well as assessing potential to create a facility within the road corridor.