Wild Moments is an exciting collaborative project between Environmental Educator and Wildlife Photographer, Jo Foo, PKCT and The Bunkhouse at Glassie Farm. The project is possible thanks to funding from The Basil Death Trust and PKCT.

Jo explains the first activity © PKCT 

Wild Moments consists of a series of guided photo walk events, for children aged 8-12 and 13-18. During the walks, attendees are given tips on how to be mindful in the outdoors and how to combine this with photography skills to enhance their nature photography. There is plenty of time for the children to ask questions and check their photos with Jo, and she is able to help them with the topics that are of interest to them. 

The project launched during the Easter Holidays 2024, and was a great success with children and young people providing very positive feedback. Everyone was absorbed in the activities - as you can see from these photos! 

Young attendees take photos of running water, during the event for ages 8-12. © PKCT

Jo helps attendees on the event for age 13-18 to enhance depth in their photos © PKCT

Wild Moments aims to run one more day of events in July 2024, at The Bunkhouse at Glassie Farm, so please do get in touch if this sounds of interest to young people you work with.