We are so pleased to say that the path improvement works on the National Cycling Network route 77 (NCN) 77 at Almondbank in Perth are almost complete and will be open to use this weekend!

Please note that there is still some finishing off to do along this shared-use active travel route, including adding signage and some chicanes to help modify cycling speeds.

Once all the final works are complete, there will be an official opening of the active travel route. Thank you everyone for your patience during the project period.

 We hope you are happy with the end result of improvement works to the NCN 77 at Almondbank and North Inch

This active travel upgrade project was part of a wider £250,000 NCN 77 cycle / foot path (core path METH/2) improvement project as part of the development of the River Tay Way.


NCN 77 cycling route at North Inch open